Presentation of the book by Rosa Mukanova “Sarah”


On November 17, 2021, KazNUA hosted the presentation of the book by the writer, playwright, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan Abai, the F. Kafka International Prize, the Alash International Literary Prize, Professor of the Kazakh National University of Arts Rosa Mukanova “Sarah”. The event was attended by famous cultural figures, university teachers and students, fans of the writer’s work.
For this presentation, the library has prepared an extensive exhibition, widely who presented the work of a talented writer, playwright Rosa Kazhygalimovna. The exhibition featured her plays, short stories, materials from encyclopedias, reference books, articles about the writer’s work, interviews, posters, as well as books from her personal library.

For the collection of dramatic works “Sarah” in 2020, Rosa Mukanova was awarded the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of literature and art named after Abai. The
collection “Sarah” contains the best dramaturgical works “Mangilik bala beine”, “Sen”, “Mysyktar patshalygy”, which received highly appreciated by critics, readers and viewers. Based on the work “Mangilik bala beine”, the film “Kyzzhylagan” was shot, which won prizes at international film festivals in Prague, Venice, Riga, as well as in China. “The publication of this wonderful book is an important event for all of us, for the literary community and the Kazakh art in general,” said Rector of the Kazakh National University of Arts Ayman Musakhadzhayeva.
Along with well-known works in the collection, you can read previously unpublished dramas “Sarah”, “Fariza” and “Eshkim de kinali emes”.
There are 10 works in total, of which “Fariza”, “The Cat Kingdom” are presented in Russian, and “Angel with a devilish Face” in English. The idea of the play “Sarah”, which gave the name to the collection, was born in recognition of Rosa Mukanova many years ago. The writer was fascinated by the story of Sarah, the beloved wife of the Prophet Ibrahim. And after many years, the playwright managed to embody the image of Sarah, the image of the Mother, the continuation of the Family.

The presentation was very bright and emotional. The participants of the event were presented with monologues from the plays of the playwright performed by famous artists. Roza Kazhygalimovna told about her creative path, about becoming herself as a playwright. The guests of the presentation stressed that the works of Rosa Mukanova are successfully performed in Kazakhstani theaters, they are loved by the audience. The presentation was a great success. The effectiveness of the event is evidenced by the fact that after meeting with Rosa Mukanova, many students of the departments “Actor of Drama Theater”, “Actor of Musical Theater”, “Art History” came to the library to read the collection “Sarah” and discover the wonderful world of drama. We wish Rosa Kazhygalimovna creative success and new collections!