Gift to the library


Library of kaznua recently received a new book from Professor “Department of Musicology and composition”, candidate of art history, the ethnomusicologist Aigul of Kydyralieva Baibek: monograph “Song Canon and individual styles orally-professional lyrics Arches” and two tutorials in Russian, “Stream the song tradition in modern training of professional musicians” and the Kazakh language “Semenawi Musicali Bilim take giesha an DSTN of transracial”.

This is not the first time the author has donated his books to the library, in 2019 A. K. Baibek presented 57 titles of books from her personal library in the amount of 63 copies. All these books were presented to students in reading rooms and on subscriptions. On October 22, 2021, KazNUA hosted the presentation of the above-mentioned books on the problems of the theory and practice of ethno solfeggio in Kazakhstan. The presentation was attended by deans of faculties, heads of departments, teachers, students, undergraduates. Aigul Kydyrgalievna in her introductory speech presented her books, which they were the result of her many years of work at leading universities in the field of art – the Kazakh National Conservatory. Kurmangazy and Kazakh National University of Arts. The author dedicated her textbooks to the creators of the discipline “Ethnosolfeggio” in Kazakhstan Bagdaulet Joktaevich Amanov and Asiya Ibadullayevna Mukhambetova.

The textbook “Translation of the song tradition in the modern training of professional musicians” is devoted to the development of the course “Ethno Solfeggio” on traditional song material, features its practical development in the modern training of professional musicians. The manual is aimed at profiling teachers of musical and theoretical disciplines in “Ethno Solfeggio”. The textbook also presents the theoretical foundations of the course “Ethno Solfeggio” and practical recommendations. The monograph “Song canon and individual styles of oral and professional lyrics of the Arch” is devoted to the modern understanding of the stylistic canons of the professional song tradition of the Arch of the XIX century in on the face of her unique personalities – Birzhan Sala, Akan seri and Ukili Ybyraya. This scientific work is based on the author’s PhD dissertation research “The song style of the Arch in the context of Ethno Solfeggio”, performed in 2007. The monograph and the educational and methodical manual by A. K. Baibek reveal the methods of reviving regional styles, reconstructing numerous songs by A. Zataevich recorded without words, as well as improvisation based on famous songs and kuys.