On December 22, 2021, the final concert “Asem Konyr” was held at the Kazakh National University of Arts, dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the the birth of the famous Kazakh dombrist, kuishi, composer, People’s Artist of the Kazakh SSR Dina Nurpeisova. In his speech, the rector KazNUA Ayman Kozhabekovna Musakhadzhayeva noted the special role of the creativity of the great dombrist in the development of national music, whose compositions have become classics of Kazakh dombra music.
Dear guests of the evening, public figures Irak Elekeev, Zeynulla Alshymbayev, Serik Abdrakhmanov, Mukhambet Kopeev, Kairat Sarybayev, Orak Aliev, Ualikhan Kalizhanov, Kairat Baybosynov, Aitkali Zhayymov, Aitzhan Toktagan, Bekbolat Baysagatov, Turar Alipbayev, Kerim Primkulov shared their thoughts about the creative heritage of Kuishi, who lived for almost a century. Among the honored guests are Shamil Abiltaev, a specially invited dombrist, composer, kuishi, honored worker Kazakhstan from Almaty. All evening the orchestra of national instruments The Kazakh National University of Arts and individual dombrists performed more than a dozen kuys of Dina.

For this event, the Information and Library Service of KazNUA organized an exhibition “Ken Dalany kuimen terbetken”. At the exhibition there were encyclopedias, works of researchers of dobristka’s creativity, books about her mentors and students, memoirs of her contemporaries and descendants, articles, musical works, sections of the exhibition revealed the image of the great daughter of the Kazakh people in fine arts, literature, poetry.
The unique material was first presented from the family archive by Professor Tolegen Kuanyshev, great-grandson of Dina Nurpeisova, executive director of the republican fund “Kui Anasy”. Participants of the festive event were able to get acquainted with the ancient family photos, handwritten materials, articles from newspapers and magazines carefully collected over the years, programs dedicated to the anniversaries of the famous kuishi and even a handwritten autobiography of Dina Nurpeisova, written by her son. The yellowed old sheets revealed to the younger generation pages from the life of the first female dombrist, the best student of Kurmangazy, in which there were many difficulties and adversities, victories and the joy of creativity. Also, the guests of the event, students had the opportunity to listen to the cui Dina Nurpeisova right at the exhibition through the cuar codes that were here presented. Participants were also able to get acquainted with new books about Dean at the exhibition Nurpeisova, recently published “Kui anasy – Dina” and “Dina Nurpeisova is a great composer of the Turkic world.”

The author of the book “Kui anasi – Dina”, Tolegen Kuanyshev, solemnly presented his books to the rector of KazNUA Ayman Musakhadzhayeva as a gift for the university. Autobiographical data, scientific articles, excerpts from scientific and research works of Kazakh musicologists Akhmet Zhubanov, Gafura Beisenova and Peter are grouped in five sections of this book Aravina. On the pages of the print edition, you can find detailed information about Dina’s performing heritage. The following chapters present the sheet music of the works. The script of the play about Dina Nurpeisova, written by the poet Fariza, is also published in the collection Ongarsynova, presents the memoirs of relatives, writers. The book is of great value to researchers of the work of the legendary Kuishi.

Book “Dina Nurpeisova – the great composer of the Turkic world” is published in four languages – Russian, Kazakh, English and Turkish. In it unique and previously unpublished facts from the life of the famous dombristka are collected. The unique edition has an electronic version, as well as a flash drive with the composer’s works. The exhibition aroused great interest among students, undergraduates, teachers, participants, and we think it helped everyone to reveal the original multifaceted creativity of the dombrist, the most legendary woman in the national musical culture.