On February 17, 2022, the literary club “Tulgatanu” continued its work in the library, which was created in 2020 and was led by our student, and now a graduate Muratbek Zhaksylyk. In 2021, due to quarantine, the club stopped its meetings. Since 2022, the club has resumed its activities, Yerkin Zhantas, a 2nd year student of the Department of Art History, has become the host of Tulgatan.
A well-known poet, journalist Ykylas Ozhayuly was invited to the first meeting of the literary club this year. He worked in the republican newspapers “Zhas Alash”, “Nur Astana”, magazines “Astana”, “Zhana Saryarka”. Author of about 200 educational, religious, scientific and expert articles, as well as a collection of poems “Adyrna”, the eighth volume of the series “Foreword Alash” for the magazine “Abai” in 1918. Currently, Ykylas Ozhayuly teaches at the Eurasian National University in Astana.

Also young writers Esbol Nurakhmet, Baқytbek Kadir, poet Umtyl Zaryққan were invited to the meeting. The guests, together with the students, reflected on what literature, the artistic word, discussed the problem of the development of the state language in Kazakhstan, the problem of “non-reading youth”, which is now relevant all over the world. An acute problem is the weak development of the state language. Currently, the terminology in the Kazakh language is not sufficiently developed, as a result, when translating from other languages into Kazakh through Google translator, an incorrect translation of Kazakh words occurs. It is also difficult to find something informative in the Kazakh language on Google. The guest advised the students to analyze at least one article in each issue of the New York Times per month. It would be great if a group of translators were formed to translate each issue of this newspaper into Kazakh.
The solution of these issues should be given attention at the state level with the active participation of philologists and translators. Without a national language, what kind of civilization, what kind of free-thinking can be discussed in this situation?
The discussion was very interesting, lively, students asked many questions to Ykylas Ozhayuly, for example, how he came to journalism, how he relates to modern cinema and literature. The time allotted for the meeting quickly flew by, perhaps the students did not have time to ask all the questions, but the discussion gave rise to further reflections…
The library thanks our guests for taking the time in their busy schedule to meet with the students of KazNUA and wishes them creative success! And we invite our students and teachers to interesting meetings in the club “Tulgatanu” in the next months!