“Virtuoso and Teacher” – an exhibition under this name was prepared by the Information and Library Service in March for the anniversary of the teacher, professor of KazNUA Aral Bigenovich Baisakalov.

Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor A.B.  Baisakalov is one of the brightest representatives of the violin school of Kazakhstan.  Sections of the exhibition introduce the department of violin art of KazNUA, here are books about the rector Aiman ​​Musakhadzhaeva, about the violin art of Kazakhstan.  Biography of A.B.  Baisakalov can be found in archival articles that reflect the creative activity of the musician, starting from his school years.  A. Baisakalov began his concert activity in the 70s, being one of the first national violinists who received a professional musical education at the P.I. Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory. Students can get acquainted with the bright concert activity of the violinist at the gallery of Aral Baisakalov, organized by the library, which presents posters of concerts starting from the 1970s.

For many years, the musician was a soloist of the Kazakh State Philharmonic named after Zhambyl.  A. Baisakalov’s talented and bright individual performance of the works of Western European, Russian and Kazakh violin classics won him wide popularity not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad.  According to her colleague Dana Zhunusbekovna Zhumabekova, “In the person of Aral Baisakalov, the composers of the republic found a violinist who understood the figurative structure of the Kazakh musical culture, capable of subtly revealing the style of the music performed”.

A.B.  Baisakalov was invited by foreign colleagues to teach at the Havana Higher Institute of Arts (Cuba), the Damascus Conservatory (Syria).  In 2005, the People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor Aiman ​​Musakhadzhayeva was invited to teach at the Kazakh National Academy of Music, where he currently works.

 Aral Bigenovich is not only a musician, teacher, but also the author of educational and methodological works: “Concertos for violin and orchestra by S.S. Prokofiev”, “Methodological and performing analysis of the sonata for violin and piano by K. Musin”.  Also A.B.  Baisakalov regularly participates in the jury in international competitions, festivals, his students repeatedly become winners of competitions, diplomas, programs of various competitions are presented at the exhibition.


Aral Baisakalov is a virtuoso performer, whose playing is distinguished by genuine artistry, fine artistic taste and a wide range of expressive means.  The “golden” fund of the Kazakh radio and television stores more than 100 recordings of European and Kazakh violin classics performed by him. Among the favorite composers of the hero of the day are A. Vivaldi, A. Corelli, I.S.  Bach, J. Vitali, C. Saint-Saens, C. Debussy, P.I.  Tchaikovsky, S. Rachmaninov, A. Glazunov.  Aral Bigenovich Baisakalov is one of the first performers of the Concerto for Violin and Orchestra by S. Mukhamedzhanov, the Concerto for Violin and Orchestra by K. Kuzhamyarov, the plays “Melody” and “Autumn” by E. Rakhmadiev.  As a sign of admiration for the talent of Aral Bigenovich, as well as in gratitude for the fruitful cooperation, Sydyk Mukhamedzhanov dedicated his violin “Poem” to him.

Many articles about the musician’s work are published in Russian and foreign publications, all of which are presented at the exhibition.  One of the last articles about Baisakalov was published in 2022 in the journal “Music and Time”, the author of the article is a teacher of KazNUA, Professor D.Zh. Zhumabekova.​

With his concert and pedagogical activity, Aral Bigenovich Baisakalov makes a great contribution to the development of the violin art of Kazakhstan and the musical pedagogy of Kazakhstan.  More recently, another concert of the hero of the day took place in the Organ Hall of KazNUA, which was a great success.  We wish further creative success to Aral Bigenovich and joyful meetings with his listeners!