Thematic book exhibition «Бүкіл әлем – Театр. Весь мир – Театр. All the world’s a stage» was organized by the Information and Library Service on March 28 for the International Theater Day.

As you know, in translation from ancient Greek, the word “theater” means “a place where they look.” The mention of the first theatrical production dates back to 2500 BC. Today, International Theater Day is not just a professional holiday for stage masters, it is a holiday for millions of spectators.

At the book exhibition «Бүкіл әлем – Театр. Весь мир – Театр. All the world’s a stage» presents encyclopedias, reference books, monographs, books from the rare fund of the library, teaching aids, works of teachers of KazNUA, conference materials, magazines and newspapers about the theater in general, about Kazakh and foreign theaters, outstanding theater figures, revealing the secrets of acting skill.

A number of publications are a selection of materials about the work of writers, playwrights and actors. Of undoubted interest were books about the work of the luminaries of the theater: A. Tarazi, A. Sygay, R. Mukanova, A. Moldabekov, R. Ashirbekova, A. Ashimov and many other actors and playwrights, who made the glory and pride of the national stage, becoming its legend . As well as books about the great Russian and foreign figures K. Stanislavsky, V. Meyerhold, I. Smoktunovsky, N. Sats, S. Obraztsov.

Of course, students who have chosen the profession of an actor need to master a lot of skills: stage speech, stage movement, plasticity, and vocals. The students of the theater faculty of KazNUA perfectly demonstrated all their abilities at the performance for the Day of the Theater “Khas suludyn koz zhasyndai …”, where youth, enthusiasm, talent gushed.

Indeed, the theater is the best school of life, because it acts as a source of information about the world, about life, giving rise to the work of thought. As the great director Konstantin Stanislavsky said, “Beautiful is not something that blinds and intoxicates the viewer in a theatrical way. It is beautiful that elevates the life of the human spirit on stage and from the stage, that is, the feelings and thoughts of artists and spectators. The book exhibition prepared by the library helps to discover the rich world of theatrical art, to master all the secrets of acting.

We invite our students to the reading rooms and to the subscription to get acquainted with these books! We will be glad to see you!