“For the third year in a row, the young, but already strengthened Tomiris festival has been gathering an audience of creative and ambitious young people who are not indifferent to the history and origins of the Kazakh people. Young people who already today intend to make their significant and bright contribution to the development of the new Kazakhstan.”

A.K. Musakhodjaeva

From April 26 to April 28, 2022, the III International Student Film Festival “Tomiris” was held at the Kazakh National University of Arts. The purpose of the film festival is to support young filmmakers, form their professional experience, as well as strengthen interuniversity ties and exchange learning experience.

In connection with this event, the library of the university organized a book exhibition “Cinema is a mirror of life”, which widely presents books about those who create this type of art: actors, directors, cameramen, about books that have been filmed.

One of the sections of this exhibition is dedicated to the history and modernity of Kazakh cinema. Books such as: Fedulin A. “Cinema in Kazakhstan”, “Cinema in Central Asia: Rewriting Cultural Histories”, Ainagulova K. “Trends in the development of cinema art in Kazakhstan”, Berkova N. “Kazakhstan non-fiction cinema about the interaction of nature and society”, books from series “Rukhani zhangyru”, film reference books “Cinema of Kazakhstan”, books dedicated to cinema by famous film critics and film critics such as: Nogerbek B. “Screen-folklore traditions in Kazakh feature films”, “On the screen “Kazakhfilm”, Abikeeva G. “Travel diary” , “Nation-building in Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia, and how this process is reflected in the cinema”, Rakhmankyzy N. “Kazakh cinemas: keshe zhane bugin”, Smailova I. “The dispute between film critics and film critics: about style and film language in Kazakh feature films : what I want: what I love: what I see: what inspires”, articles and interviews in periodicals: Kosubaeva E., Lumpova E., Rakhmankyzy N., Abikeeva G., Mukusheva N., Tileugabylyly S. Slambek Tileugabyly

A large section of the exhibition is devoted to the history of cinema in foreign, Soviet and post-Soviet periods. Here are books on screenwriting, the role of cinema and essays on the life and work of outstanding directors, as well as interviews and statements by outstanding filmmakers of the world, participants in International Film Festivals of documentaries and short films, books from the FilmCraft series about the profession of a cameraman: the best master classes.

A section dedicated to film writers, theater and cinema artists, books telling about their work and the most significant events of life: “Film director Oraz Abishev”, “Akim Tarazi – screenwriter”, “Amina Omirzakova”, “Asanali Ashimov”, “Anuar Moldabekov”, “Rose Ashirbekova” “Kazakh cinema synyn құlageri: Abdolla Karsakbaev turaly estelikter”, etc.

A section that tells about the books that were akronized: “Hope and Support”, “Station for Two”, “The Mystery of Dr. House – a Man and TV Series”, as well as one of the sections is devoted to Kaznui’s scientific collections, which includes articles from the Faculty of Film and Television .

Within the framework of the festival, a well-known film critic, film critic Gulnara Abikeeva presented the books “Profession: Producer” – the first publication in Kazakhstan dedicated to the producer’s skill, which reflects Kazakhstan’s experience in the production and promotion of films and series. The film critic contributed to the book by writing chapters on film festivals, film promotion issues, the establishment of the institution of producing in Kazakhstan, as well as a review of the best Kazakh films from 2005 to 2019. Another advantage of the book is that it presents profiles of producers – from the founders of the production business in Kazakhstan to the youngest representatives of this profession.

The book “Kazakh New Wave” is a collection of international reviews of the “new wave”, including excerpts from the speeches of the participants of the first round table, individual interviews with the authors of the films, clippings from old publications about directors and films, as well as a complete filmography with detailed annotations.

In addition, on the second day of the film festival, the presentation of the book “Kinotanushi Bauyrzhan Nogerbek” dedicated to the work of Bauyrzhan Nogerbek, a famous film critic, founder of a professional film studies school, an outstanding scientist and teacher, took place. The compilers and editors of the book are Baurzhan Nogerbek’s wife Gulzhahan Bekkhozhina and son Baubek Nogerbek.

The presented books by Gulnara Abikeeva and Baubek Nogerbek presented to the library of KazNUA.

Cinema is one of the favorite types of art, and therefore the theme of cinema will be of interest to all users of the library, as there is a reason not only to review your favorite films, but also to re-read your favorite books. After all, the book is the basis of any film script. The book is able to convey incredible feelings and create the necessary emotionality that will capture a person and will not let him go until he has read to the end.

Also, at the student film festival, a master class “Profession-film expert” was held – Gulbara Tolomushova, a film critic, a specialist in the Cinema House named after. Ch. Aitmatova and “The work of an animation artist in animated films” – Mavzur Makhmudov, director, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Cinema in today’s life is the best advertisement for a book. Therefore, the international festival of student films “Tomiris” will inspire readers to read good books!