«ЕР ЕДІГЕ» – nogayly dauirinin zhyry. The rich heritage of the Kazakhs that has developed over the centuries is an inexhaustible treasure of future generations. By the 30th anniversary of the country’s independence, the golden fund of our spiritual culture was replenished with a musical album “Er Edige” – nohaily dauirinin zhyry “.

In 2020, under the leadership of the Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the famous zhyrshy-zhyrau Almas Almatov, the musical album “Er Edige” – nohaily dauirinin zhyry “was released.

The album includes a scientific analysis of “Edige Batyr” in Kazakh, Russian and English, an explanation of the performers who brought the song to this day, and a 60-hour poem by more than 40 singers from all over the country. The collection includes the epic “Edige batyr”, as well as the epic “Kyrymnyk kyryk batyrs” and “Karasai-Kazi” edited by Muryn zhyrau (version of Kayrolly Imangaliev) and others.

The music album was donated by the author to the library fund of the Kazakh National University of Arts.

Dear reader, the new music album is designed for the younger generation who appreciate the cherished heritage of our people.