Kazakh National University of Arts is a higher educational institution in the Republic of Kazakhstan, integrated into a single system of continuous integrated education. “Alippe” returned to the new school curriculum of this university after a five-year break. The textbook is based on the methodology of Akhmet Baitursynov and is developed in accordance with state standards.

The authors of the textbook note that the order of letters and sounds in the book is different, it is based on the peculiarities of word formation using word combinations. Parents are glad that «ӘЛІППЕ» is back. In the new textbook, sounds, letters are studied first, then syllables and words. With the help of lippe, 1st grade students learn to read and understand short texts, as well as write simple words and sentences. In the textbook, you can listen to proverbs, riddles and proverbs, various cognitive verses related to the lesson, which is transmitted through an additional disk and a QR code.            The library sincerely congratulates young friends who want to study and make art!