On September 2, 2021, in one breath in the library of KazNUA, the presentation of the monograph by Musakhodzhaeva Raushan Kozhabekovna and Birzhanova Gulnakhiya Isakyzy «ҒАСЫРЛАР АСҚАН ҚАЗЫНА» took place. The book was presented by the professor of the department of dombra, kuish, Orynbai Duissen.

The author of the monograph, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, kobyz player, professor Raushan Kozhabekovna Musakhodzhaeva, taking into account the principles and concepts inherent in musicology, reveals her views, formed on the basis of many years of performing and teaching experience. The book presents the origin, development and chronology of the Kazakh musical culture; history of national musical instruments: emergence and disappearance, revival and culmination; information about the works of great musicians.

In the introductory speech to the monograph, the rector of the Kazakh National University, professor Musakhadzhaeva Aiman ​​Kozhabekovna noted that this book is a study of the origin of the art of national music in connection with nature, everyday life, traditions and history of the people.

The co-author of the book – Honored Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, folklorist Glnakhiya Isagyzy Birzhanova, edited, systematized and prepared for publication the materials collected during research expeditions.

Time flew by like a single instant. What is it about, a book that aroused great interest among the audience? In the scientific work, the authors emphasize that music is the basis of life, contributing to the preservation of the mentality of the people. The culture and native language that save the nation from extinction are our integral concepts and values ​​in life. Teachers reveal this principle for the younger generation in their book.

The monograph also reflects the experience of the Kazakh National University of Arts and its significant contribution to domestic art: scientific and practical conferences and symposia, master classes and seminars, career guidance projects and scientific expeditions, international competitions, creative marathons.

The new book was donated by the authors to the library and now students, undergraduates and teachers have the opportunity to learn more about this unique work within the walls of the library.

We wish our teachers further creative success!