Adamzat biygindegi Abay

17th September in the small hall named after F. Chopin of KazNUA was a competition of readers dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the Great Kazakh thinker and poet Abai Kunanbayev, organized by the Kazakh national University of arts and the partyNur Otan”. The aim of the competition was the promotion of Abay’s songs and poems, words of edification which is a standard wisdom of the nation among the youth and the younger generation. In the competition took part and showed their skills students from different regions of Kazakhstan. The skills of the participants were judged by a jury consisting of the researcher Abay, academician, doctor of philological Sciences Garifolla ESIM, a teacher of KazNUA, Professor, writer and playwright of the Rose Mukanova, poet Alamana Sarina. In the event library and Information service was organized the exhibition “Adamzat biygindegi Abay”. At the exhibition were exposed the works of Abai different years of edition, 2 volume edition of works, poems, words of edification, translations, collection of kui and songs to the words of Abay, the Score of “Aittym Salem Kalamkas“, a collection of songs for voice and pianoAsem auen Halykta“, “Abaydin olenderine zhazylgan ander” compiled by K. Bakievym, etc. And encyclopedia “Abay1995, epic novel of Mukhtar Auezov “Abai Zholy” “a Philosophical treatise about Abai“, ESIM, the writings of M. Myrzakhmet “Abai Zhane Shygys”, the Opera of A. Zhubanov and L. Hamidi “ABAI”, Vocal-choreographic composition “ABAYand the essay “Fantasia” E. Usenov to the words of Abay, articles and sources from periodicals about the life and works of the great Abay.