The preservation of cultural heritage is the main function of libraries. Rare and valuable books that make up the pride of the library fund of KazNUI originate in 2018 and are an object of cultural heritage. Rare book collections stored in the library fund were previously donated from the library fund of the Akmola College of Music, as well as donated by university teachers, individuals, various funds.

Today the unique fund of rare and valuable editions of the KazNUI library includes editions of the XIX – early XX centuries and has 873 titles. Among them are editions in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages, original documents of sheet editions, albums on painting, books on graphics, cinema, theater, fine arts, architecture, sculpture, arts and crafts and unique sheet music from different eras, works on theory music, classical pieces of music. These are not just musical notations, these are music books of a mixed type, in which the musical text is the main one.

The 19th and early 20th centuries were marked by a real “boom” in the publication of musical works: music was not just a part of good upbringing and education, the era literally breathed it. A number of publishing houses appeared, reflecting the history of the development of musical culture in a historical sequence.

The KazNUI library contains valuable copies of the sheet music of the leading music publishing houses of that time – P. Yurgenson, M. Belyaev, Breitkopf & Härtel, G. Ricordi & C., A. Gutheil, V. Bessel and K, Sileverstov and books from the publishing houses Goskinoizdat, Art, MuzGis, Music Sector, etc.

The department is proud of its valuable books, consisting of small circulation and interesting in content and design. The collections of books of one of the world’s largest German music publishing house “Breitkopf & Härtel” are interesting.Rossini, G. Der Barbier von Sevilla [Ноты]: Oper in zwei Akten. Klavir (1816); Lehár, Franz Zigeunerliebe [Ноты]:  Romantische operette in 3 Bildern (1909); Bach Johann Sebastian Werke: Prtitur (1900)

Books by Casa Ricordi is a publisher of predominantly classical music and opera: Wagner, R. La walkiria [Sheet music]: Opera Completa (1870); Verdi, G. Ein Maskenball [Sheet music]: Oper in drei Akten (1859)


There are also large-format editions in the fund, pocket scores and books in luxurious cloth binding.

Also presented are the books of one of the most famous and representative music publishing houses, the notorious publishing company “A. Gutheil “, which played an important role in the artistic life of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This is evidenced by the title of “Supplier of the Court of His Imperial Majesty” given to the publisher, which has the status of a Russian state brand. This title gave the right to use the coat of arms on their publications and to fulfill orders of the Court.

Books published by P. Jurgenson’s firm are of great interest. PI Yurgenson’s music publishing house was sensitive to the demands of the music publishing market, to the development of musical culture in the country, and to the activities of other music publishers.

Meyerbeer, J. “African woman” opera in 5 acts (1888); Marx Adolph Bernhardt. A comprehensive music textbook, a guide for teachers and students across all branches of music education. translation from the 9th German edition edited by A. S. Famintsyn (1881); Musical form: Composition by Ebenezer Prout / Translated from English. Count S.L. Tolstoy (1917).

In addition to rare books, the hall contains valuable, small-circulation books (until 1970) on musicology, theater, painting, art history.

Preserved 41 documents related to Kazakh musical art. Among the editions there is an ethnographic collection “musical creativity of Abai Kunanbayev”, published in 1954 by the publishing house of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR in Almaty. The musical edition was published by special order of B. G. Erzakovich and the editorial and publishing council of the Kazakh SSR Academy of Sciences. This collection presents 12 songs of Abai for the first time. However, this collection is not a complete collection of the poet’s musical creativity. In 1919, the recording of Abai’s musical works began. Since then, as he recorded the poet’s songs and published them, he began to study his composing heritage.

There are also books in the fund: A.V. Zataevich. Pianoға arnalғan playalar. Pieces for piano on Kazakh folk themes (1957); “Songs of Kenen Azerbaev” (1955); Ivanov-Sokolsky M. Trio for violin, cello and piano: Dedicated to the memory of the daughter of the Kazakh people Manshuk Mametova. With a Party (1956), M. Tulebaev “Birzhan and Sara” (1959); Essays on the history of Kazakh music (1962); Birzhan sal. Onderi (1959); Құrmanғazy Kuyler (1961); “Kazakh Soviet folk songs” (1959), “Folk music of Kazakhstan” (1967), Zataevich AV Research. Memories. Letters (1958); Gorchakov N. The work of the director on the play (1956); Lvov N. Kazakh Academic Drama Theater (1957), etc.


The rare fund of the library is an inexhaustible source of materials for scientific, methodological and research work. In the hall of rare books, exhibitions of books and magazines are regularly arranged, practical classes for students and excursions for everyone are held. We are also making special efforts to digitize rare and valuable books, this occupation requires a lot of time and patience, but the next generations of users of our library will surely appreciate our work.