History. Library of the KazNUA was established in 1998, on the basis of the Library of Akmola College of Music. Today, it provides information and library services to the readers in two University buildings.

Structure of the library:

–     The University Library;

–     Reading room for teachers and professors;

–     Reading Room;

–     Classroom – Subscription;

–     Fiction subscription;

–     Reading room for periodicals;

–     Media library.


College Library:

–     Subscription room;

–     Reading room.

School Library:

–     Subscription room.

The teachers and professors reading room, students’ reading room, class subscription room, fiction subscription, media library hall, and hall of periodicals are located in the main building of the University. For college students, the College reading room and subscription room operate, too. There is a school subscription room for school students.

Resources. Library of the Kazakh National University of Arts has a rich collection, which widely presents literature on music, arts, acting, directing, choreography, set design, and folklore.

At present, the library has a collection of more than 168,675 copies, most of which consists of printed music. The library collection includes educational, scientific literature, and fiction. Also, there is a collection of more than 2000 CDs and other audiovisual materials. The Library subscribes to 243 titles of Kazakhstan and Russian periodicals in various fields of knowledge.

Library and bibliographic processes are based on the automated library program «KABIS». To fully support the educational process for the teachers and students, «Web of Knowledge», «Thomson Reuters», «Springer» databases are provided, including links to the Republican Inter-University E-Library, Russian State Library and other libraries. The Library compiled a list of music and notation sites, where Internet users can find relevant information.

«Platonus» software, which contains students’ ratings, is installed in the reading rooms. An electronic catalog is compiled of books, articles, and musical works, as well as an electronic database of KazNUA teachers’ works «Bookscan». We work to digitize rare and small circulation printed music and works of our teachers. The Library is equipped with up-to-date appliances: computers, printers, scanners, audio-video, DVD-equipment, TV, and copiers. The users in the reading rooms enjoy free access to the Internet.

Cooperation. The Kazakh National University library cooperates with the libraries of Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory, Zhurgenev Academy of Arts, National Academic Library of the RK, National Library of the RK, Gumilyov Eurasian National University. As part of the all-national action «Bir el – bir kitap»,the events are held in cooperation with the organizational committee. The library fund of the Kazakh National University is replenished with the books published by Russian and Kazakhstan Publishing Houses: Oner, Dyke-Press, Kochevniki (Nomads), Zhetizharghy, Kazakh Encyclopedia, Composer, Music, Jurgenson, etc. The library also cooperates with book suppliers: LLP «Orman», LLP «Attau-Astana», «Astana-Kitap» and Books House «Abai». Being a part of the educational institution, the library actively works to promote the learning process and takes part in all the events held at the University.