Gift books are one of the sources for replenishing the book fund of the Information and Library Service. Book publications donated by authors, various institutions and organizations enrich the information potential of book collections. The library actively uses donated publications (textbooks and study guides, scientific publications and conference materials on all branches of knowledge) in serving users. The publications donated by the scholars of our university are marked in the “List of donors” on the main page of the library’s website.

We welcome each donor and remind that, in accordance with the current regulations on gifts, the library accepts: rare books, educational, methodological, scientific and popular science publications of the last five years, domestic and foreign fiction in good condition. When donating a large number of books, we recommend that you provide a list of them in advance (indicating the author, title, publisher and year of publication).

The library does not accept as a gift publications aimed at promoting ethnic and religious hatred, racial intolerance, anti-social behavior and other negative phenomena.

Books as a gift are accepted at the Department of Acquisition of the Library’s Collections at the address: Nur-Sultan, 50 Tauelsizdik Ave., room 329.

Tel. for inquiries: 8 (7172) 705429.

If necessary, the donor is issued a certificate of accepted literature.

The blog library is grateful to all donors and looks forward to further cooperation!

Presenter of the KazNUI library for 2019-2020 (open)
Presenter of the KazNUI library for 2019-2020 (open)