In the acquisition department of IBS KazNUI, the book begins its journey to the reader. The department provides scientifically grounded, complete and operational acquisition of the library fund with documents.

The acquisition of the library fund is carried out in accordance with the profile of the university, curricula and information needs of scientific research institutes, faculties and departments of the university.

The department carries out the processes of acquisition, cataloging of publications and other documents on the basis of the automated library information system IRBIS, which is a set of interconnected automated workstations (AWS) – “Setter”, “Cataloguer”, as well as the work of the general and topographic catalog.

Carries out a systematic and operational acquisition of the library fund with documents in traditional and electronic media in the state, Russian and foreign languages.

  • prepares preliminary orders for publications according to price lists of book-selling organizations and publishing houses on the basis of applications from departments, departments of the University and departments of the library;
  • takes into account all incoming and outgoing documents;
  • accepts as a gift from the teaching staff of the university educational and scientific publications;
  • assigns classifications of UDC and SRSTI index for scientific publication (teaching aids, monographs, scientific articles, dissertations) of teaching staff, undergraduates, doctoral students, students of the University.


The Information Service Department is one of the structural divisions of the Information and Library Service. The department provides information support for the educational process and research activities of the university.


  • high-quality and efficient library and information-bibliographic services for all categories of users by sources of information in traditional and electronic media in accordance with their information requests;
  • assistance in the formation of the fund of the department according to the profile of the university and the study of the information needs of readers;
  • education of information culture of users;
  • ensuring the safety of the library book fund.

The department pays special attention to creating comfortable conditions for full and high-quality service of the book to its users through subscriptions and reading rooms.

The department also conducts educational and cultural events for the university community, organizes book exhibitions to help the educational process, open views of literature for scientific conferences, Information Days.


The department of reference-bibliographic and information work provides reference-bibliographic and information services to users in accordance with the directions of scientific, educational, cultural and educational work of the university.

Main goals:

  • service of information requests of readers;
  • formation and maintenance of the “Articles” Database;
  • consulting on the use of the reference and bibliographic apparatus of the information retrieval system;
  • conducts group sessions and consultations to improve information and bibliographic literacy of users;
  • compilation of scientific and auxiliary literature indexes to help the scientific and educational work of students and specialists;
  • compilation of bio and bibliographic indexes.

The Department of Information and Bibliographic Work provides a range of services using the unique fund of the department, unpublished bibliographic lists, card indexes, etc.

Along with traditional sources of information, the following are used in fulfilling readers’ requests:

  • electronic catalog “Irbis”;
  • local databases (DB) for certain thematic areas;
  • domestic and foreign bibliographic and factual databases;
  • network resources of the Internet.

The reader can obtain from a specialist bibliographer:• information about bibliographic and information sources required for the selection of literature on the topic;• bibliographic consultation on the method of searching for literature in indexes, catalogs, card files and on the rules for compiling and formatting lists of literature for scientific works;• help in clarifying the bibliographic data of a book or article, etc.


Carries out work on the implementation, support and development of modern technologies for the automation of library processes. Forms collections of electronic resources for informational support of educational and research activities of the University.

Main directions of work:

  • creation of an electronic library (DL)
  • providing users with access to the Internet via AWP and wireless networks;
  • provision of advisory and reference services (on-, offline) on the use of the “Electronic Library”, subscription electronic resources, databases of its own generation;
  • maintenance of the library website.