The rules of library use of KazNUA

General rules

  1. Terms of use (hereinafter – the Rules) Information and library service (hereinafter CAD) library of the Kazakh National University of arts (hereinafter – Kaznua) developed in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On education”, “culture”, with the Order of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 27.03.2000, No. 249 “On unified coordination, scientific-methodological and information centre library isystem of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the decree of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 17.08.2000, № 827 “On approving documents in librarianship for the library system education”, Metodicheskim manual: On accounting of the library Fund of educational institutions of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.
  2. In the Rules of use defined by the organization of reader services, access to book collections, the rights and responsibilities of readers and coronary heart disease.
  3. The mode of operation of the CHD is defined in accordance with the work schedule approved by the rector of Kaznua.
  1. The main objectives
    1. Assisting in educational process on preparation of highly qualified specialists able to make a fair decision with organizational skills, health-minded from the point of view of economy, to master new technologies in the arts, participating actively in public life of the University.
    2. Selection, preservation and broad promotion of textbooks and educational-methodical, scientific literature on the profile of the University, which will always be for the readers of spiritual wealth.
    3. The University library in the course of serving its readers, the use of book Fund makes no restrictions on their specialty and level of knowledge, nationality, political views, etc.
    4. The library Fund is the property of the University, and through it the property of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the state protection.
  2. The rights of readers
    1. Faculty, staff, undergraduates and students of Kaznua have the right to:
    2. Free use of the main types of library and Information services;
    3. To get full information about the book Fund of the library, rules directories;
    4. Get advice when searching for print and other publications;
    5. Use bibliographic, reference and information services, traditional and electronic search devices;
    6. To get acquainted with the exhibitions of new publications received in the library Fund;
    7. To increase the period of use of print media, if there is no demand from other readers;
    8. To use the computers in the reading rooms, receive advice from librarians during work on the computer and find the necessary information to use existing computer programs.
  1. Responsibilities of readers
    1. Readers of library are obliged to:
    2. To observe the Rules of library use;
    3. Take care of the books, periodicals, electronic publications and others material values received from the Fund CHD;
    4. Books from the book Fund do not take from chitaley rooms, reference and information Department without the permission of the librarian;
    5. On the books not to make any marks, not to cause the drawings not to bend the pages of books, and also, not to pull out cards from catalogs;
    6. Silence and cleanliness in the library;
    7. Careful with furniture and technical equipment of the library, to comply with technical specifications during the development of audiovisual materials, traditional and electronic media;
    8. When receiving books, other print publications and materials you need to carefully inspect them and in case of detection of any defects immediately notify the librarian;
    9. It is strictly forbidden to pass a reader to the others and use another’s library ticket.
    10. Books, other printed publications to return to the library at the appointed time;
    11. In case the reader has lost or caused damage to books, periodicals, other publications, he is obliged to pay damages in the same publication;
    12. Debts may be deprived of the right to use the IBU library of Kaznua;
    13. Every year on August 1, readers must return all libraries in the available literature;
    14. When leaving the University to return to the library all the books to sign a bypass list on the subscription and in the reading rooms;
    15. Readers need to be re-registered annually on subscription and in the reading rooms. Readers do not re-register in the library is not maintained;
    16. Readers who have violated the terms of use or caused the damage shall be liable in accordance with the legislation of Kazakhstan and Rules of use of CHD;
    17. When using computers in the reading room immediately to inform bibliotecario about all the mistakes and fails in software and computer technology;
    18. Not allowed: to change the settings of computers to implement new programs, unauthorized connect or disconnect the kaky-or computer equipment; use access to the Internet for commercial purposes and viewing information violating the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, downloaded from the Internet audio and video, software products, send information electronically, to connect to the computer’s own peripheral devices (USB devices, headphones, etc.).
  1. Rights and duties of IHD
    1. IHD serves the readers on subscriptions and reading rooms; to provide their rights.
    2. CHD provides services to the readers according to the Provisions of CHD and these terms of use.
    3. Responsibilities CHD:

5.3.1 to Inform readers about the information and library services;

5.3.2. Chitateley to create all conditions for full use of all of the library Fund;

5.3.3 to Improve the library and information-bibliographic service of readers by introducing computerization and advanced technologies;

5.3.4 Create in the library all conditions for work of readers;

5.3.5 to Provide some help to the readers in search and select required books and other materials;

5.3.6 to Awaken in students a love of books, self-improvement, knowledge, interest in reading;

5.3.7 is Responsible for the safety of the book Fund, which is part of national cultural wealth, controls for svoevremennoho refund issued to the readers of books, issue books only when you return the books, available;

5.3.8 According to the Rules of the IHD report on its activities to the rectorate.

5.3.9 In order of book collection preservation and copyright compliance are not permitted to make copies of theses, rare and valuable books, reference copies, encyclopedias.

  1. The procedure of registration of readers
    • For registration readers you must have:
  • Students – student ID card, photograph 3×4 in electronic form.
  • Faculty, teachers, methodology, graduate students – identity card, certificate from HR Department, a photo 3×4 in electronic form.
    1. Service of readers is carried out only on reader’s tickets.
    2. Readers fill library sheets on each book and receipt books were painted in the reader and leaves requirements. The library form is a document confirming the fact of issuing the books to the reader, the time of return of books.
    3. Every year in the month of September, readers are re-registered.
  1. Terms of use subscription
    1. Issuing publications in the house is on subscription.
    2. Students and undergraduates of the scientific and educational literature is given for a semester. Faculty and staff publications are issued for one academic year.
    3. Control and rare instances readers not issued.
    4. Issuing publications on hand shall be terminated 15 imnut until the completion of the subscription.
  1. The reading hall/strong>
    1. Encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals and other publications from utility Fund are issued for use only in the reading room.
    2. Publications issued by “class” to ensure that lessons must be returned the same day or by 10: 00 a.m. the next day. In case of violation of the procedure, readers are denied the rights of use of CHD for a period of 2 weeks.
    3. Library cards remain with the librarian before the end of the service the reader.
    4. Issuing publications in the reading room closes 15 imnut until the completion of the work of the division.
    5. Before leaving the reading room, the reader must pass all the received editions.